The construction project of orthopedic hospital by bt contract

- Orthopedic Hospital, a specialized hospital in HCM City, is now overloaded because its facilities severely degrades in a small area (amount 5000sqm). According to HCM People’s Committee and requests of relevant Ministries, Departments… HCM People’s Committee is allowed to apply the new method of BT contract to build a new hospital at block 6A – Southern township, Binh Hung Commune, Binh Chanh District with 3.5ha.

Era Lạc Long Quân
- Basing on the contract, The Corporation of Compensation Clearance will give an advance payment of full capital in order to build the construction, including the cost of the land’s compensation and clearance. After accepting the project and hanging over to People’s Committee which the contractor has a permission from to sell the current location of the Hospital of Trauma and Orthopedic (Tran Hung Dao Street, Dist.5) at the market’s price in order to invest, run business and get the capital recovery. The new hospital has 500  standard beds which afford the healthcare needs. Besides, it has 12 floors and 1 basement with the total capital investment is approximately 1,131.5 billion dong (building density is 25%, construction area is 7,500sqm). The construction period is estimated about 32 months from the time receiving the hang over of the land.

- The project of building HCM new Orthopedic Hospital in the form of BT contract after finishing improves the quality of  the healthcare standard, helps to solve the overloading problems of hospital. It will be the good place to serve the citizen and the people in neighboring provinces.